Posted On March 20, 2011

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Havent been blogging at all recently because i dont want to feel as if i m obliged to.

I am not dead yet of course. I am now still the good ol’ me, with nothing i can ask for more that’s why ‘no rantings’ on the blog.

Life has been pretty good lately, not that I have nothing to worry about, but life goes on. i keep my fingers crossed and wishing for the best, and i am not doing anything if i can’t do anything about it.

On the bright side, my second semester ends this monday, which means classes ends this monday and i gotta get ready for my easter trip with my boyfriend.

I am glad that he really made his promise that we will go for travel.

Knowing the fact that he puts me upfront out of any of his other priorities make me a happy girlfriend.

I even forgo the chance to go on a holiday because it’s the thoughts that counts.

Oh well, we planned and get everything(almost) sorted out.

I am going to Prague(that is czech republic if u dono yet), and Berlin- the real capital of Germany.

Many suggested Prague + Vienna/Budapest but i thought they would look similar so i chose Berlin instead. To be honest, partially for their beer and German Sausages!!! Currywrust(or something like that la) is one of my fav food in the world i think. Super awesomelicious i can die for it.

Apart from spending time with boyfriend in sheffield, attending classes, I do go to the gym sometimes. NOT these few days I am really tired and reluctant to move my ass there. I blame it on the weather thou. Was planning to go tomorrow but going to the city for some shopping sounds much more tempting that it already is(becos of the trip i m going i wana be superchiobu).

but again, visiting the city on a sunday is super potong because they closes their shops at 5 its like u just starting to kick start your shopping mood only.

so most probably i m going to the city on monday after my class but yet again, that means i shud hit the gym tmrw(which is quite unlikely with my current kemalasan wtf)

DONO LAH IF I M FAT THEN NTH I CAN DO ABOUT IT RIGHT *run away from the weighing scale*

Okay,I’ll eat less then *innocent eyes*

certainly, holding yourself and resist the temptation of food is a lot easier than walking in the cold weather to the gym and run on the thread mill.(i guess?)

Whichever comes first for you.

Oh well, back to the story, I m going to Prague and Berlin!!

so there goes my honeymoon.

Babyboo is coming to newcastle on Tuesday.

Happy Girl .

that’s it la. quite random while you read it. Oh well. i wanna upload picture but the uploader is a hassle for me i really do think so.


ok la perhaps one will do.

Thanks for carrying me all the way thru!! Love you!

End with keromantikness. LOL bahbai for real now


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