GG eats up my pocket!

Posted On April 2, 2011

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Lovely afternoon sunlight that has obviously inspired me to blog. Well, ok at least it reminds me that I still own a blog, so i m here to blog a bit since there should be one already after such a long time. and Blogging with Boyf’s macbook pro feels so much smoother and faster than my laggy laptop!

I just came back from Prague & Berlin, which also helps me to strike out 2 more countries where I have been to in Europe. I will probably not back to Europe again once i settled down in Msia/S’pore/HK in the future(i really haz no clue where i m going)

I got already bored of the places in Europe already, i thought it’s pretty similar.

There goes my checklist:








Czech Republic




Finland,Denmark,Norway(because these usually come together?)




For now that I can think of(of which i think i can go to) these are it.


A peek of Prague-Karluv Most. (like the famous view)

With the charles bridge-the love bridge.

The love birds in the love bridge.

This is Germany, Berlin. With some picturistic background, superchio background me likey.


in German Subway.

And you know you know You know.

What is the most valuable souvenirs for myself, … HANDBAGS instead of all those little thingie, so i thought buying a handbag will be a good idea. FML never thought and never checked my bank money limited company wtf i m broke now need to stick to my boyfriend’s butt so that I wont starve to death muahahaha

and therefore super broke…. A handbag+ moneyclip šŸ˜›

That’s it,GoodbaiBai.


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