best things i had (:

Posted On April 6, 2011

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The foundation of any relationship lies in the way you treat your partner and how you deal with issues in the relationship. Every relationship involves some sacrifices and compromises which need to be made no matter what. Learn how to be the best boyfriend OR girlfriend any man/woman would love to have.

No one’s perfect- The very first point which needs to be understood for being the best partner is to realize that no human being is perfect and no matter how many expectations you might have from your relationship they would not always be met. Remember that no matter how hard you try there would be small quarrels and disagreements in the relationship. Perseverance is very important aspect of any relationship.

”Remember that even the most ostensibly perfect relationships have hiccups and unpleasant moments but it is working on and reducing the amount and severity of these moments that will lead to a consistently happy relationship.”

This is what has been in my mind to keep my relationship ON and ON regardless of whatever unpleasant moments between me and my boyfriend.

I was whatsapping one of my friend when I was on my way back from Sheffield to Newcastle, and she told me(and literally makes me feel) that having life like what i had now is… something that not everyone can ask for.


1. I have a great family and parents as my shelter, no matter what happened.

2. I had a Bachelors in Law, which makes me secure a job in the future(well, if not a lawyer, at least i still own a very useful bachelors degree to begin with in average jobs)

3. I am doing my Masters for International Trading, in other way, say I m expanding my knowledge and studies for a BETTER future(pun intended)

4. I have a boyfriend, who has certainly gave me enough attention and commitments. Who also has certain passion for his future as a surgeon in the near future(which seems like he certainly will that he was born in a doctor families himself). He is probably not the most good looking guy ever, but probably just right for me. AHA. At least everytime i see his face i still think he’s cute okay! #drowninlove

5. Ok well, this might not be a point that I agreed on, but since she mentioned and said so, I wil just state it here. She said she wants my figure and fashion sense. =.=
Okay Okay, I get very happy because people likes how the way I dressed up and stuffs like that, but maybe not my figure itself. I wish I can be slimmer. OR, maybe I will be happier if I could just.. stay and not gained weights at all. Not quite possible. GOD knows how much of hard work I have been thru before i got into how i look like now. (oh well, hard work stops like  a year ago, but u get what i meant)

6. She wants my handbags. Okay i dont want to mention more. I am not the girl who own the most handbags in the world, but certainly enough to make someone envious about it(at my age!!) ahh sorry ah so lansi for what.

7. OK nothing more, but i just need to say, apart from all these that I have, Please wish me luck for tmrw. I is collecting my results and kinda worried about it. also, i am seeing my lecturer for my applications which hasnt really get thru.
OHMY. see even -that is why my wishlist never ends, Now that I have everything but my results.

Ohmy so worried.

Btw, did i mentioned yet? I bought a middle-chio dress for Malaysian Night Dinner.



I need to Sleep nao. Goodnai.


2 Responses to “best things i had (:”

  1. M

    u wish u were slimmer? can i say the f word =_=

    • Raychel Tan

      and and wish i was as slim as you! oh well. at least look slim like you! you can easily look slim while i have to diet to look slim! world’s so unfair you chou ah niang.

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