A lost track Easter !

Posted On April 18, 2011

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Happy Easter Holidays Everyone(in UK or whichever country that celebrates Easter)..

This is the first year i kind of lost track with the Easter Holidays because my holidays begin pretty early, like 3weeks ago(or longer), but I was assigned with some practical and writing assessment(assignments that is!) to do thru out the months..

Well, as usual I have been slacking much, enjoying my holidays a little bit way too much.. havent done ANYTHING for my work. It’s less than 1 month away, so now i m staying up for a bit trying to read up a little. don mind working harder now and have a good life later. For all you know, I m stucked at the PPS for some soap dramas.

#1 : one of the sunday noon I m out for some healthy shopping(healthy meaning no window-meaning necessary)wtf

I ve done quite a bit of shopping, but not excessive, just buying things that I usually need.
#2: Promised boyfriend to attend the MASSOC Dinner and Dance, its kind of like a Malaysian Singaporean Society annual prom dinner where everyone gathered. Everyone was teasing that it is our so called ‘anniversary’ cause apparently ma boi started going after me since then. The night was pretty good, but camera battery died after i took few pics, so not many pics, and not many people tht I know, plus it’s too effort to stand up to take picture with everyone when you haz no companion!! @ WanLin @Pei Xia @Wei Haun (the camera people!)- I miss ya all T________________T

Should have blogged more, but I am really lazy cos i m watching series+drafting my legal letter so i wanna ciao now. for now I owe you guys but I’ll be back again (:

Have a great holiday people.


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