My 4hours playground

Posted On April 29, 2011

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Actually don’t know why I am still updating my blog but i ll update if i still have someone reading it. LOL!

and so, there’s this random urge of me and my boyfriend to go for shopping and since we thought of shopping, so we thought might as well go to bicester village to increase max satisfaction. I call Bicester Village my PLAYGROUND because that is where makes me happy. because the happiest thing to do is shopping, and what is happier than shopping? To have luxury shoppings? Whats happier than luxury shopping? Getting great bargain on Luxury Shopping. MUAHAH. How could that not be my playground *sorry cheapskate like that

So there we go, and there where I broke. Actually I am okay Hahaha. not too bad i can still live in luxury lol wtf.

me and my first purchase. This is like 10minutes after entering the village itself. Like walk in then i went like ‘oh! vivienne westwood let’s see if they have Melissa(a well-known heels from VW if you dont know yet!) and then saw there’s this cute colour so tried it on and bought it and almost half price. Super happy because ma friend fight for it during the boxing day in london and still paying more than me wtf.

I spend approximately 4hours and thought it was enough because once I entered Prada and came out happy girl. i kinda don mind stop buying. I mean there’are so much more to buy, but i’ve got something i like so i can shop slowly. Well, also because I shop wise, i dun wana end up living a beggar life or parasite girlfriend at the end of the day -lesson for overspending.

Ow Well Maybe the above statement isnt that convincing afterall. but some of the stuffs are boyfriend’s one hor, like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilf *defensive wtf

But I got ALMOST everything I pictured myself on getting.

Like you know sometimes you re hoping that – ‘ aiya dono they got or not there?’ – ‘if got then good lah’ and then u go there with no hope but you actually got everything you re expecting, not to mention if i were to splurge more i definitely can get something more than just this! (I will truly miss you, D I O R) Fred not, I m going again end of May! 😛 thinking about it also quite excited.


Okay Lah that’s it for this time. If you re not residing in UK and wanted to know more information about fashion outlet, YOU CAN ASK ME!! 😛 well, i think Bicester Village is the one worth going, Alternatively you can go to somewhere call Cheshire Oak, which offers for lower budget customers! 😛

Enjoy Your Shopping.
Again, My wishlist………………… Never Ends.

Xo. Raych


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