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Posted On May 6, 2011

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Me thinks its common that when people needs to work(as in serious work) then they tend to procrastinate a lot.

But today, I m happy!

Because I got my results for my last semesters and got 2 out of my 3 papers a First Class.

By that I mean 1 of out of that 3- is sad. Passed the paper, but barely anything apart from that.


But having two first class paper is a bless already i suppose?

Now that I m working on my New assignments again, and at the point of finishing it soon.
Apart from that, I still need to apply for my Inn . Talking about this, HAIH, its like no matter how far I run and trying to escape from BAR i think i still need to face it. Still cannot decide lorh!

Dont even know how to decide how to be a lawyer in the future i also bu zhi dao.

Okay just a short updates for the all of you who’s still concerned. LOL

wo yao qu du shu liao.

AND me thinks, ME is GOING HOME this summer,well not for 3months, but 1 month-July!

and if nothing goes wrong, Stitchboi will be visiting and I is visiting Singapore and HK too!


So gembira thinking of it.

Before the sweet comes, i guess you have to go thru the bitter moments fers.
Let’s move on.


8.21pm (when the sky is still bright!)



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