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Posted On March 13, 2011

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hi everyone!

lonnggg time since i updated this space.

Well, i m not busy for real, just that I m really reluctant to come to this space to speak anything when i suppose i have something better to do.

i m now posting 2 pics of mine with my recent obsession with fashion.

like,light&easy i would say.

Went to shopping this day! but, i suppose you can dress up like this too when you re going to meet ur friends, some gathering, and stuffs like that. It can be casual and hotstyle @ the same time!

for a casual sunday out, i now like to go for chinos pants rather than jeans, white/black/nude tee’s or vest, pair with a nice loose boyfriend style cardigan, with a cool brogue and i’m ready to go!

AHH sorry for the lazy post but this is it for now, will keep u updated again!

Perhaps I m just too bad in entertaining, or to maintain a nice blog for you readers, I m sorry !

Love, Raych


for Japan.

Posted On March 12, 2011

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For the earthquake happened in Japan, keeps our fingers crossed that everything will stop until then.

It’s such a tragedy but it does looks like world is approaching its end.

In my opinion, it wouldnt happen like how u watched in all the movies, 2012, day after tmrw, but i do believe that world is changing slow before it takes its end.

Whatever it is, let’s pray hard for Japan’s tragedy, and let’s hope the disaster stops.


happy birthday love!

Posted On March 8, 2011

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It’s hunnieboo’s birthday!

Happy Birthday and I hope you Had an awesome one!

I love you!! more than words can say ! x

Protected: The Risks.

Posted On February 19, 2011

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Posted On February 17, 2011

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This is for the most Romantic Post ever, for the Valentines day!

HUNNIEBOO with watch i gave him for Xmas Gift!

Me looking like an oversized head bird.

I show you guys pictures of foods first la k before bercerita!


Calamari Rings, Sweet Prawns and Battered Asparagus

my starters look a little bit normal and common but trust me, the fried prawns and calamari(i mean the batter!) is soooo gooooddddd!

HunnieBoo© Bruschetta (he always order bruschetta and i always order calamari!)
Bruschetta with Goat Cheese and Mushroom (or something like that!)


  • main course is super yumm, the best fine dining we had so far!
  • My Roasted White Cod with Spicy Garlic Sauce with Spicy Sausages slices and Greens! omg i like i like!

  • HunnieBoo© LambShank! super yummers too!

What disappoint us a little is the desserts part, I was expecting to order TARTS for dessert but they dont have it all.

so we ordered cheesecake and bread pudding instead, which doesnt light up the standard of the dinings.

Lemon cheesecake hunnieboo ordered cos he doesnt allow me to order Tiramisu because he thinks that is too easy to make.

my bread pudding which doesnt taste amazing either.



ENOUGH OF THE PICTURES OF FOOD! here comes the picture of us(and more surprise story at the day would come together!)

  1. Few days before Valentine’s, Our Hongkong Friend Brian came over to hunnieboo’s flat to camp there to start making cards for his girlfriend(because they stayed together). He was asking me if Hunnieboo is doing anything and I said : AHH NO. and pointed at him and kept saying he’s lousy becus he has no plan at all for Vday. he just remain silence and said sorry he’s busy.. and doesnt shows like he actually cares.
  2. On the day itself, he woke up early in the morning, dressed up all in his formal clothes like how he usually does to attend to his patient in the hospital.( FYI medic students has to dress up formal every single day!) He went to the class. After a short while, he came home and I barely can open up my eyes. He showed a little anger but was really nice to me, and put me back to sleep.
  3. I thought he wasnt going to do anything for Vday, and hence very laid back, and did nothing about it too.
  4. He went out again, telling me he is going to hospital again. He brought his working bags, with his formals, with his tags and everything. (not suspecting)
  5. He came back after a short while again, this time round, very surprisingly kept encouraging me to go to the city just because i randomly said i FEEL like going to the city.
  6. After what he convinced and all, I went to the city to do my shoppings.
  7. When I come home, HunnieBoo asked me to go get shower and ready because we re hving dinner at 6.30pm,he booked a table for us.
  8. i went showered, dressed up, make up.
  9. NOTHING. and NOTHING. Until the Dinner-and NOTHING. No flower Nothing.
  10. OH WAIT, D i mentioned i bought him card when i go to the city? Yeah i did, just card Vday Card.
  11. then we come home, i was asked to get changed.
  12. AND THEN…….. HE CAME INTO THE ROOM WITH ROSES, MOET ROSE CHAMPAGNE,and A homemade Sweetheart Desserts that I love, covered with mousse cream and strawberry,OHMAIGOT!
  13. I was speechless, very happy …. and errrr… yeah.
  14. So, his flatmates kept telling me he made lots of effort to get all that.
  16. I appreciate effort > Monetary Values gifts. And Hence, I am a happy girl.
  17. Nothing I can ask for more!! Love You Bummy♥ Sayang sayang!

Happy Valentines 2011, the best i ever had.

LOVE YOU for all I can!

Boyfriend Score 99.99/100( 0.01 so that you have room for improvement!)


PS: I actually find it kinda effort to blog nowadays, Sorry If i start blogging less!

pre V.

Posted On February 16, 2011

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I had an awesome and great one’s all thanks to hunnieboo stitchboi ♥

I will make updates on the valentines dinner soon.

And I m actually thinking to join the gym soon!

PLUS+ i think i might fail one of my last block module,hyper FML.


When February comes!

Posted On February 12, 2011

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Oh well, Hi to everyone who re still reading my Blog.

I was kinda busy lately that i abandon my blog aside, expecting no one will come back ever again to read it.

But after almost a week not coming back to wordpress dashboard, it surprises me that I still have many readers coming back to it (according to stats that doesnt lie!)

ThankYou ThankYou Thankyou, so there you go i m goinna take an hour or two to sit here in the living room while stitchboi is revising on his medicine book, I mma goinna write u a post!

I dont know where to begin with to be true, but HAPPY CNY! and for all that i know for CNY is food.

This is the first ever year celebrating CNY away from Home! and my CNY eve dinner was actually KeBab TakeAway and ate Shin Ramyun Instant Noodles on Chor Yat because I was rushing for my assignments.


Oh well, there’s nothing much in my life, except that I ve been cooking a lot!

so there comes all the pictures to share, food are those simple but finger licking one’s!



Teriyaki Beef Sushi Roll.

My Fav- California Rolls, and Tuna Mayo Rolls.



LAP MEI FAN (with shitake mushroom, chinese sausages and chicken) and chicken soup

Peanuts and Lotus Root Soup

Tomato Soy Sauce Chicken! Yummz.

Brocolli(n misc. greens) and Garlic Egg Sauce Covering Canned Abalone Mommy send to Me!

and of course, Nin Gou From Stitch brought back from Hongkong. it’s red n white instead of brown we had in Msia!

There’re some day where stitchboi will cook for me if he’s not too busy with his work in the hospital (:

Homemade Lean Mince Beef Patty Burger, all his flatmates love this!

MeatBall Pasta Bolognese, with unmatching Pakchoy that we need to finish that day so we include it lol

This is his signature dish that no one can resist! I used to NOT eat Oxtail, not until You tasted this!
I m pretty sure I wont be able to make this dish. U need to jaga api from morning to night and at the end its all worth it because its supermax awesomesauce.
Braised Oxtail with Carrots! OHMYOHMY *screams (and i have to say this picture doesn’t speak for the dish,its far way better than it is in the picture)


There’re more that i ll update in upcoming entries, for now these will do, and OH.

I make low fat Banana Bread(not cake!). it tasted awesome and its made w/o BUTTER yo! Low Sugar,Wheat Flour, No Butter(only Extra Virgin Olive Oil!) and…….argh.. all the more healthy stuffs.

I am kinda proud of it because its awesome lol.


That’s it for today, hope u enjoy it (: see you again

OH and its 2days to Vday, I m going out dinner with stitchboi, how about yours?


xo Raychel xo (:

I’m back!

Posted On February 4, 2011

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My CNY only starts now because I’ve been busy with 3assignments due at the same date,and that is a serious FML becos it due at 4th.

I work my ass off.

I had KEBABS Takeaway for CNY EVE DINNER

I had Korean Noodle Shin Ramyun for Chor Yat Dinner.

I had…….err nothing today.


I am quite surprised if any of you are still following my blog.


More and More Updates sooonn! x


Gotta PLan for My weekend ahead!


Posted On January 23, 2011

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Happy 8th.

Sorry for the hiatus, Stitchboi is back and I am rushing assignments basically everyday, (and still do think I might fail it).

Hope everyone is just doing good, will be back for updates after i submit my work.

PS: I miss home, SO SO SO Badly.

c who’s here!

Posted On January 9, 2011

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Right after Bummie’s Exams, he booked his train ticket to visit Newcastle as he promised before. =)

Had the happiest date ever becus I am the all of his attraction and attention! lol. everything also he asked me and he is doing everything with me because he doesn’t know where to go and what to do! hehee =) bully eh!

Had quality and quantity amounts of food so today I m writing one of it that was recommended by lots of newcastle friends . Cost a bomb(like i think 70pounds ish for both of us!? x5 =RM350 FHisLife

and the food wasn’t up to what we expect. Maybe Bummie can make better Foods loh! Cheww.

Dinner @ Gusto

Start it off with a bottle of champagne or was it white wine?! actually! 😛 (that’s why so expensive la hor! forgot dee!)

Yours trulylook very ill for some reason, could be the make up but i blame it on the rush and my HAIR.


Apparently, we both are not prepared therefore looked shit so refuse to take many pics.

Now it’s all pictures of those fooodss!



Main Course(which is not very nice)

but I like the scallop la!!

Aih, shud ve ordered steak instead! uhuk uhuk 😦




The dessert is awesomesauce everytime i visit other places then I would say this :
I miss the dessert in Gusto cos its nice like that

I will go back for this! (just for this!)

we both had these! and.. urm, so nais, looking at this picture makes me wanna run to Gusto nao.


Okay that’s it 2am sharp, I only wanna start doing work.

Talking about Productivity and Efficiency! cheh?


RaycheLLe. xo.

~6days till i see bummie!~

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