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can’t believe I m blogging so much at the other side.

TUMBLR that is.

You can follow me there if you want to.



again, i think wordpress sucks. ceh.



Posted On May 22, 2011

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I think i will now stops blogging here because TUMBLR seems so much easier, convenient and …. interesting.

I think I am just not a fan of wordpress just yet.


if you re still keen to read, and wants to keep on track to me, Please leave a comment I will let you know Link to my tumblr Page , alright?

I willl update my Tumblr, That’s a Promise (:


Posted On May 8, 2011

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Dilemma T__T

You know sometimes you are in the midst of making a choice but the choice is fairly challenging for you.

One side of me really wants to go home and live life in Malaysia like how I used to be.

Another side of me gets really comfortable with my current life it seems like i need to overturn my entire life for the past 3years (in which i think i grown up the most-in terms of thinking and maturity) for something new.

Not too sure which way to go.

It’s always hard to make a decision. and this is not PETTY MATTERS.

short updates

Posted On May 6, 2011

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Me thinks its common that when people needs to work(as in serious work) then they tend to procrastinate a lot.

But today, I m happy!

Because I got my results for my last semesters and got 2 out of my 3 papers a First Class.

By that I mean 1 of out of that 3- is sad. Passed the paper, but barely anything apart from that.


But having two first class paper is a bless already i suppose?

Now that I m working on my New assignments again, and at the point of finishing it soon.
Apart from that, I still need to apply for my Inn . Talking about this, HAIH, its like no matter how far I run and trying to escape from BAR i think i still need to face it. Still cannot decide lorh!

Dont even know how to decide how to be a lawyer in the future i also bu zhi dao.

Okay just a short updates for the all of you who’s still concerned. LOL

wo yao qu du shu liao.

AND me thinks, ME is GOING HOME this summer,well not for 3months, but 1 month-July!

and if nothing goes wrong, Stitchboi will be visiting and I is visiting Singapore and HK too!


So gembira thinking of it.

Before the sweet comes, i guess you have to go thru the bitter moments fers.
Let’s move on.


8.21pm (when the sky is still bright!)


animal cruelty.

Posted On May 5, 2011

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I am truly against animal cruelty.

Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.  He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits.  Yet he is lord of all the animals.Cruelty must be whitewashed by a moral excuse, and pretense of reluctance. What makes human has more power against the other animals to abuse and to kill them?

to be very honest, I thought humans are armed with cruelty. Animals are smart.

They re smart in a way where they communicate w/o needing to learn languages.
They definitely have a better sense of love, they love the human who they think care for them. Some dogs were abused, or caged all day long, but when anything happens, the dog, will do nothing but to put his life forward just to save you, and to defense everything for your home.

I am slightly biased,i have to admit this. I wasn’t sympathetic for animals w/o bloods and heart beats i have to say.

One or two of the examples i can tell now, I place no many sympathy for Lizard and Flies and Snakes. But well, everytime the lizard or the cockroach spotted along any corner of my house, I will always first pray that he would go away after a while. I dunwant to kill you, or dunwan any of my family to practice their cruelty on you. You don deserve to die.

Yes they don deserve to die. Enough Said.

However, with the nature how human created the food chain, I guess they are fated to be ruled by the Human’s Logics, and they will eventually scarifies themselves to feed us. I am sensible in this statement because what i meant was, nothing can change nature food chain, that is like asking a tiger to eat grass in the field with the goat w/o eating the goat itself.

Love Animals, Against Animal Cruelty.

Not doing anything to them is the best thing to the nature of animals.

If their life are meant to be working for humans, Please treat them good.
They Don’t deserved to be treated with cruelty and violence.

They definitely deserved better.

(I now avoid buying cosmetics that DO NOT INDICATE-against animal testing -after watching videos on animals getting blinded just for the sake of testing it for the humans. my deepest sympathy 😦 I M not saying by not buying that it can makes a difference, but i do believe everyone plays a part for the animal abuse. IF everyone would have the same thought as i do, it is enough to get this animal-testing trend out!)

That’s it for now.

My 4hours playground

Posted On April 29, 2011

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Actually don’t know why I am still updating my blog but i ll update if i still have someone reading it. LOL!

and so, there’s this random urge of me and my boyfriend to go for shopping and since we thought of shopping, so we thought might as well go to bicester village to increase max satisfaction. I call Bicester Village my PLAYGROUND because that is where makes me happy. because the happiest thing to do is shopping, and what is happier than shopping? To have luxury shoppings? Whats happier than luxury shopping? Getting great bargain on Luxury Shopping. MUAHAH. How could that not be my playground *sorry cheapskate like that

So there we go, and there where I broke. Actually I am okay Hahaha. not too bad i can still live in luxury lol wtf.

me and my first purchase. This is like 10minutes after entering the village itself. Like walk in then i went like ‘oh! vivienne westwood let’s see if they have Melissa(a well-known heels from VW if you dont know yet!) and then saw there’s this cute colour so tried it on and bought it and almost half price. Super happy because ma friend fight for it during the boxing day in london and still paying more than me wtf.

I spend approximately 4hours and thought it was enough because once I entered Prada and came out happy girl. i kinda don mind stop buying. I mean there’are so much more to buy, but i’ve got something i like so i can shop slowly. Well, also because I shop wise, i dun wana end up living a beggar life or parasite girlfriend at the end of the day -lesson for overspending.

Ow Well Maybe the above statement isnt that convincing afterall. but some of the stuffs are boyfriend’s one hor, like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilf *defensive wtf

But I got ALMOST everything I pictured myself on getting.

Like you know sometimes you re hoping that – ‘ aiya dono they got or not there?’ – ‘if got then good lah’ and then u go there with no hope but you actually got everything you re expecting, not to mention if i were to splurge more i definitely can get something more than just this! (I will truly miss you, D I O R) Fred not, I m going again end of May! 😛 thinking about it also quite excited.


Okay Lah that’s it for this time. If you re not residing in UK and wanted to know more information about fashion outlet, YOU CAN ASK ME!! 😛 well, i think Bicester Village is the one worth going, Alternatively you can go to somewhere call Cheshire Oak, which offers for lower budget customers! 😛

Enjoy Your Shopping.
Again, My wishlist………………… Never Ends.

Xo. Raych

A lost track Easter !

Posted On April 18, 2011

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Happy Easter Holidays Everyone(in UK or whichever country that celebrates Easter)..

This is the first year i kind of lost track with the Easter Holidays because my holidays begin pretty early, like 3weeks ago(or longer), but I was assigned with some practical and writing assessment(assignments that is!) to do thru out the months..

Well, as usual I have been slacking much, enjoying my holidays a little bit way too much.. havent done ANYTHING for my work. It’s less than 1 month away, so now i m staying up for a bit trying to read up a little. don mind working harder now and have a good life later. For all you know, I m stucked at the PPS for some soap dramas.

#1 : one of the sunday noon I m out for some healthy shopping(healthy meaning no window-meaning necessary)wtf

I ve done quite a bit of shopping, but not excessive, just buying things that I usually need.
#2: Promised boyfriend to attend the MASSOC Dinner and Dance, its kind of like a Malaysian Singaporean Society annual prom dinner where everyone gathered. Everyone was teasing that it is our so called ‘anniversary’ cause apparently ma boi started going after me since then. The night was pretty good, but camera battery died after i took few pics, so not many pics, and not many people tht I know, plus it’s too effort to stand up to take picture with everyone when you haz no companion!! @ WanLin @Pei Xia @Wei Haun (the camera people!)- I miss ya all T________________T

Should have blogged more, but I am really lazy cos i m watching series+drafting my legal letter so i wanna ciao now. for now I owe you guys but I’ll be back again (:

Have a great holiday people.

best things i had (:

Posted On April 6, 2011

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The foundation of any relationship lies in the way you treat your partner and how you deal with issues in the relationship. Every relationship involves some sacrifices and compromises which need to be made no matter what. Learn how to be the best boyfriend OR girlfriend any man/woman would love to have.

No one’s perfect- The very first point which needs to be understood for being the best partner is to realize that no human being is perfect and no matter how many expectations you might have from your relationship they would not always be met. Remember that no matter how hard you try there would be small quarrels and disagreements in the relationship. Perseverance is very important aspect of any relationship.

”Remember that even the most ostensibly perfect relationships have hiccups and unpleasant moments but it is working on and reducing the amount and severity of these moments that will lead to a consistently happy relationship.”

This is what has been in my mind to keep my relationship ON and ON regardless of whatever unpleasant moments between me and my boyfriend.

I was whatsapping one of my friend when I was on my way back from Sheffield to Newcastle, and she told me(and literally makes me feel) that having life like what i had now is… something that not everyone can ask for.


1. I have a great family and parents as my shelter, no matter what happened.

2. I had a Bachelors in Law, which makes me secure a job in the future(well, if not a lawyer, at least i still own a very useful bachelors degree to begin with in average jobs)

3. I am doing my Masters for International Trading, in other way, say I m expanding my knowledge and studies for a BETTER future(pun intended)

4. I have a boyfriend, who has certainly gave me enough attention and commitments. Who also has certain passion for his future as a surgeon in the near future(which seems like he certainly will that he was born in a doctor families himself). He is probably not the most good looking guy ever, but probably just right for me. AHA. At least everytime i see his face i still think he’s cute okay! #drowninlove

5. Ok well, this might not be a point that I agreed on, but since she mentioned and said so, I wil just state it here. She said she wants my figure and fashion sense. =.=
Okay Okay, I get very happy because people likes how the way I dressed up and stuffs like that, but maybe not my figure itself. I wish I can be slimmer. OR, maybe I will be happier if I could just.. stay and not gained weights at all. Not quite possible. GOD knows how much of hard work I have been thru before i got into how i look like now. (oh well, hard work stops like  a year ago, but u get what i meant)

6. She wants my handbags. Okay i dont want to mention more. I am not the girl who own the most handbags in the world, but certainly enough to make someone envious about it(at my age!!) ahh sorry ah so lansi for what.

7. OK nothing more, but i just need to say, apart from all these that I have, Please wish me luck for tmrw. I is collecting my results and kinda worried about it. also, i am seeing my lecturer for my applications which hasnt really get thru.
OHMY. see even -that is why my wishlist never ends, Now that I have everything but my results.

Ohmy so worried.

Btw, did i mentioned yet? I bought a middle-chio dress for Malaysian Night Dinner.



I need to Sleep nao. Goodnai.

GG eats up my pocket!

Posted On April 2, 2011

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Lovely afternoon sunlight that has obviously inspired me to blog. Well, ok at least it reminds me that I still own a blog, so i m here to blog a bit since there should be one already after such a long time. and Blogging with Boyf’s macbook pro feels so much smoother and faster than my laggy laptop!

I just came back from Prague & Berlin, which also helps me to strike out 2 more countries where I have been to in Europe. I will probably not back to Europe again once i settled down in Msia/S’pore/HK in the future(i really haz no clue where i m going)

I got already bored of the places in Europe already, i thought it’s pretty similar.

There goes my checklist:








Czech Republic




Finland,Denmark,Norway(because these usually come together?)




For now that I can think of(of which i think i can go to) these are it.


A peek of Prague-Karluv Most. (like the famous view)

With the charles bridge-the love bridge.

The love birds in the love bridge.

This is Germany, Berlin. With some picturistic background, superchio background me likey.


in German Subway.

And you know you know You know.

What is the most valuable souvenirs for myself, … HANDBAGS instead of all those little thingie, so i thought buying a handbag will be a good idea. FML never thought and never checked my bank money limited company wtf i m broke now need to stick to my boyfriend’s butt so that I wont starve to death muahahaha

and therefore super broke…. A handbag+ moneyclip 😛

That’s it,GoodbaiBai.


Posted On March 20, 2011

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Havent been blogging at all recently because i dont want to feel as if i m obliged to.

I am not dead yet of course. I am now still the good ol’ me, with nothing i can ask for more that’s why ‘no rantings’ on the blog.

Life has been pretty good lately, not that I have nothing to worry about, but life goes on. i keep my fingers crossed and wishing for the best, and i am not doing anything if i can’t do anything about it.

On the bright side, my second semester ends this monday, which means classes ends this monday and i gotta get ready for my easter trip with my boyfriend.

I am glad that he really made his promise that we will go for travel.

Knowing the fact that he puts me upfront out of any of his other priorities make me a happy girlfriend.

I even forgo the chance to go on a holiday because it’s the thoughts that counts.

Oh well, we planned and get everything(almost) sorted out.

I am going to Prague(that is czech republic if u dono yet), and Berlin- the real capital of Germany.

Many suggested Prague + Vienna/Budapest but i thought they would look similar so i chose Berlin instead. To be honest, partially for their beer and German Sausages!!! Currywrust(or something like that la) is one of my fav food in the world i think. Super awesomelicious i can die for it.

Apart from spending time with boyfriend in sheffield, attending classes, I do go to the gym sometimes. NOT these few days I am really tired and reluctant to move my ass there. I blame it on the weather thou. Was planning to go tomorrow but going to the city for some shopping sounds much more tempting that it already is(becos of the trip i m going i wana be superchiobu).

but again, visiting the city on a sunday is super potong because they closes their shops at 5 its like u just starting to kick start your shopping mood only.

so most probably i m going to the city on monday after my class but yet again, that means i shud hit the gym tmrw(which is quite unlikely with my current kemalasan wtf)

DONO LAH IF I M FAT THEN NTH I CAN DO ABOUT IT RIGHT *run away from the weighing scale*

Okay,I’ll eat less then *innocent eyes*

certainly, holding yourself and resist the temptation of food is a lot easier than walking in the cold weather to the gym and run on the thread mill.(i guess?)

Whichever comes first for you.

Oh well, back to the story, I m going to Prague and Berlin!!

so there goes my honeymoon.

Babyboo is coming to newcastle on Tuesday.

Happy Girl .

that’s it la. quite random while you read it. Oh well. i wanna upload picture but the uploader is a hassle for me i really do think so.


ok la perhaps one will do.

Thanks for carrying me all the way thru!! Love you!

End with keromantikness. LOL bahbai for real now

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